1. Athletes must wear a white Karate-gi. The emblem or national flag of the respective country can be worn on the front of the jacket.
  2. Female athletes and children can wear a white T-shirt beneath the Karate Jacket.
  3. The sleeves of the jacket must be long enough to cover more the middle of the forearm,Rolling up the sleeves of the jacket is not permitted.
  4. The pants must be long enough to cover at least two thirds of the tibia, but not they must be longer than the ankle, and they can not be rolled up.
  5. For women in kumite very simple hairstyles are allowed. It is forbidden to wear metal ornaments.
  6. A red belt is worn by AKA a blue belt from AO.

The following protections are mandatory:

A. Gloves, one athlete wearing red gloves, the other blue
B. Mouth Guard
C. Chest protector; (UP TO CADETS)
D.Head Guard; (UP TO CADETS)
E. Groin protection
F. Shin and foot protection
G. Breast protection (WOMEN)

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The use of bandages or supports after injury must be authorized by the doctor.

There will be no tolerance for of those who present themselves dressed in a noncompliant manner.