1. Laido competition will follow a similar structure as Traditional/Classical Karate Kata (forms) competition.
  2. A maximum of 4 traditional Iaido kata can be performed by each competitor.
  3. Traditional gi/uwagi and hakama must be worn.
  4. Sword can be either an Iaito (unsharpened sword) or a shinken (sharpened sword), and must be of traditional design.
  5. Tabi are allowed, but are not required.
  6. The use of a sageo (fastening cord) is optional.
  7. It is not necessary to announce the names of the kata.
  8. Competitors will begin their competition with a standing bow (ritsurei) for purposes of saving time.
  9. A formal seated bow (zarei) may be used once a competitor has completed his kata set.
  10. In the case of a tie, after all normal tie-breaking procedures have been followed, a single kata may be performed by each tied competitor to determine the winner.
Proposed DivisionsSkill Levels
9 & under Beginner/Novice Beginner
9 & under Intermediate/Advanced
Beginner = less than 1 year of training
10 – 13 Beginner/Novice Novice
10 – 13 Intermediate/Advanced
Novice = 1-2 years of training
14 – 17 Beginner/Novice Intermediate
14 – 17 Intermediate/Advanced
Intermediate = 2-3 years of training
18 & up Beginner/Novice Advanced
18 & up Intermediate/Advanced
Advanced = 3+ years of training