Dear Referees, Jury Presidents, Masters, Athletes, National and International,

I would like to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for your extraordinary efforts in making the WTKA World Karate Championships possible, despite the challenges and difficulties we faced. Your tireless work and dedication are truly an example of resilience and passion.

We cannot forget the tireless work of those behind the scenes: organizers, volunteers, coaches or officials, who work tirelessly to ensure that events like the WTKA World Karate Championships are possible. These people often remain in the shadows, but their contributions are invaluable and crucial to the success of such events.

I thank our Italian athletes and those from other nations for giving their all in every bout. You have shown extraordinary commitment, and even though some did not place in the finals, please see this as a reason for growth. Every defeat is an opportunity to become stronger.

With gratitude

President Daniele Angileri